The body plays an essential role in producing music performance. However, research shows that the body’s role is more complex, multi-faceted and crucial to effective performance creation and communication. In Western music contexts, musicians and audience members, or listeners, are often envisaged at juxtaposing positions in the performance dynamic. Performers produce and communicate the music, and audience members receive the musical communication. However, we are beginning to understand how information provided by performers’ bodies, and audience members’ individual embodied experiences affect communication. Visual information provided by musicians’ bodily movements and gestures, and even dress, has a profound effect on judgments of performer and performance. Moreover, our individual embodied experiences crucially shape how we generate, coordinate, communicate, and understand music performance. From a basis of embodied psychological and social theory, this presentation shows how the body is intimately linked to our thoughts, emotions, and actions as we enact, interact and respond to music performance. This body of research has implications for performance training, audience development, and enhancing audience engagement with music performing arts.

QCGU Auditorium

Level 2

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Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Date: 7th October 2018
Category: Wellness

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  • Health
  • Keynote
  • Music as a career