Selected delegate volunteers will conduct a live ensemble on predetermined repertoire and receive live feedback on their conducting. Aspects typically addressed include conductor posture/positioning, the breath & preparatory gestures, gestural clarity & predictability, quality of motion & defining articulation, effective use of active/passive motions & gestural “contrast,” getting “beyond time-beating,” and connecting gesture to the music’s expressive message. In addition to the delegates who have the opportunity to get on the podium and conduct for feedback, those in the ensemble and other observers also gain valuable insights into being a more effective conductor in front of an ensemble.


Antiche danze ed arie (Ancient Airs and Dances): Suite III, P.172 <1931> 19'
Based on lute music of the 16th & 17th centuries. Respighi arranged the pieces first for piano, then str 4t, then string orchestra. Recommended publishers: Eulenburg or Ricordi. A movement will be allocated:
1. Anon. (late 16th century): Italiana 4'
2. Giovanni Battista Besardo (17th century): Arie di
Corte 8'
3. Anon. (late 17th century): Siciliana 3'
4. Lodovico Roncalli (1692): Passacaglia 4'


Pulse Chamber Orchestra

Pulse Chamber Orchestra brings together dynamic young string players from the School of Music at the University of Queensland. Directed by cellist Patrick Murphy, their repertoire ranges from early baroque to contemporary works of Australian composers. Pulse has also collaborated frequently in presenting masterworks of the liturgical choral repertoire, including works of Bruckner, Britten, Rutter, CPE Bach and most recently JS.Bach's monumental St Matthew Passion.

QCGU Auditorium

Level 2

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Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Date: 5th October 2018
Category: Teaching
(on and off the podium)

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  • Conducting
  • Interactive