Neuroscience and psychology researchers have done extensive studies over the last 20 years to understand how the brain processes music and why music learning seems to be such a cognitively unique activity. Musically trained children have better language and communication skills, can focus for longer and are more likely to stick with difficult problems until they solve them, they are able to control their own emotional responses and understand emotional responses of others and they have significantly better working and long-term memory systems. These enhancements then support happier and healthy lifestyles and choices in adulthood, the capacity to both shift and advance in their professional lives and maintain their brain health into later life. The research is now starting to reveal why music learning is so effective at enhance brain function. Come along and hear Dr Collins speak about this exciting and impactful research.

Yamaha Music Room

Level 4

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Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Date: 6th October 2018
Category: Teaching
(on and off the podium)

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  • Building stronger musicians
  • Equality
  • Lecture
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