The goal of this session is to demonstrate and discuss rehearsal strategies that are geared toward building transferable and developmental independent ensemble skills in the players. Rehearsal processes where the ensemble musicians increasingly take more responsibility for the fundamentals of good performance (tone, intonation, internal pulse, precision, balance, dynamic control, uniformity across parts, etc.) free the conductor to focus on the more sophisticated and expressive elements of ensemble performance rather than just error-detection & correction. Included will be developing optimum ensemble tone, teaching blend and intonation skills, developing independent and coherent ensemble internal pulse, and ensemble listening skills.

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Brisbane Symphonic Band

The Brisbane Symphonic Band is our primary ensemble and comprises of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Currently under the musical direction of Stefanie Smith, the band plays a wide variety of music including orchestral transcriptions, movie and musical themes, contemporary wind band pieces and other popular repertoire. The band frequently performs in own series concerts and, as one of Brisbane’s leading community bands, is proud to provide the Brisbane community with opportunities to appreciate and experience live music through the Brisbane City Council’s Bands in Parks program. “Working together to perform quality music for the benefit and enjoyment of our members and the community” encapsulates the band’s reason for being.

QCGU Auditorium

Level 2

Event Details

Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Date: 7th October 2018
Category: Teaching
(on and off the podium)

Event Tags

  • Conducting & rehearsal preparation
  • Ensemble workshop