Peter Wardrobe has a real passion for evolving the way we educate young musicians as technology evolves. Being at the forefront of music education technology for most of his career, Peter started as a classroom teacher in 1999 at Niddrie Secondary College. After some time Peter was appointed to the Alfred Brash Sound House as the Education Program Delivery Co-ordinator where Peter’s passion for education technology started. After 7 years at the Alfred Brash Sound House, Peter joined the Sibelius Australia team in the critical role of Education and Support Specialist. In this role Peter spent time travelling around the country supporting users in general but specifically teachers to implement technology into the classroom. After working with the original team at Sibelius for 7 years, 2011 saw Peter change direction and move back in to the classroom at Doveton College Victoria, a brand new school, where he established the Musical Futures program. Peter believes creative technology is one area that can successfully engage students in and outside the classroom. Peter has recently joined the Yamaha Education Outreach team as the Dorico Education Specialist and is excited to be able to once again support users and educators in the implementation of technology in their workflow.