John Hoffman (AUS) is regarded in the music industry, in Australia and internationally, as one of the finest lead and jazz trumpeters. Originally from the USA, he has been living in Australia for over 20 years. He has toured and recorded with the Buddy Rich Band, the Woody Herman Orchestra, the Glen Miller Buddy de Franco Band and the Harry James Orchestra. He has performed with Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett, Dizzy Gillespie, Sammy Davis Jnr., Shirley Bassey, Ray Charles, and other greats. Living in Australia since 1977, John has led his own Big Band in Sydney, and has performed and recorded with leading Australian artists. John currently lectures in Jazz Studies at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. John’s work with the Con Artists big band, which has included recording projects with national and international artists such as trombonist Jim Pugh, trumpet Scott Tinkler, pianists Joe Chindamo and Tony Gould, is acclaimed around Australia. He has also played an important role launching the careers of such well-known vocalists as Katie Noonan, Washington, Kristen Berardi and Elly Hoyt by featuring them with the Con Artists and introducing them to the industry.